Monday, February 16, 2015

Sock Design

Creating my new designs is always a work in progress and I sometimes involve the family, I like to get their options as to what they think of the design. How do you work your designs?

I sometimes start with a pattern stitch in mind and then work through the process putting the design together. Other times I will have an idea of what I want the sock to look like and then I will go and find the stitches to create this design. I also like to use a multitude of stitch patterns to create my designs.
This photo above actually has three pattern stitches, I started out with the original idea and then took it further until I got something I liked. The other thing to consider when designing is your yarn. With this multi coloured yarn I didn't want to lose the colours in the stitch pattern so I created something simple to accommodate the yarn. This is something I believe you need to consider when using multi coloured yarns.

I am not in any way experienced in this but this is just the process I use to create my sock designs. Who knows down the track it might change.

Happy knitting

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