Sunday, February 8, 2015

Practicing For Easter

Well I know it's awhile yet but I thought I would get in some practice and make some Hot Cross bus this weekend. The are in the shops now so I thought this year I might have a go myself and make some. They are yummy but I need to improve to make them even better.

You can find the recipe here. G doesn't like Hot Cross buns with fruit so I am going to make some with choc chips in them and I know she loves these. We also like mocha Hot Cross buns, so I will be giving those a good as well. Who else likes different Hot Cross buns? What are your favourite flavours?

I even managed to get the crosses on but it was a bit tricky, I found the paste a bit too wet so next time I will go for a thicker paste. Also I think next time I will hand knead even though they say they are sticky as they where not as fluffy as I would like. Hence the experimenting to get things right before Easter. Do you like to experiment with recipes you find?

Happy knitting

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