Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Charlie's Ripple Blanket

Well I have finally completed Charlie's Ripple Blanket, it's all washed and ready for him. Now if only he would use it so I can get that photo but of course he will not play ball.

The making of this blanket was a real family affair, all of us (except K whose in Canada at the moment) had a turn at picking the colours. I did all the crocheting and I picked the boarder colours. I didn't do the boarder like Lucy, I did my own thing. I did 1 row of trebles, with 2 trebles in the corners and then I did 6 rows of dc, with 2 dc, 2 chain, 2 dc, in the corners. My crochet terms are all English as that is how I learned to do crochet. 

I am just waiting for my Stylecraft yarn to come and then I get to start another Ripple Blanket as hubs wants one as well. He gets to choose the colour sequence and this time around I think I will do Lucy's boarder. I want to give it a go as I like the 2 colour look with the last row. 

I have finished the Granny Stripe cushion but am waiting as the cover has been washed and needs to dry, also I need to get an insert for it. Once that's done I will get a photo up of that as well. Hope your having a great day.

Happy knitting 

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