Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kid's leaving The Nest

It's a difficult time when your kid's start to leave home and K left home late last year. I suppose I am just coming to terms with it now. It's not like he just went and moved in with friends from school or even headed to the country or interstate. No he's gone away to work in Canada with some mates. He tells me he could be away for a couple of years, that's a very long time. I miss the little chats we would have.

I realise this will help him grow up but I still miss my little boy. We talk via Facebook but it's not the same as talking. We did manage to Skype over Christmas which was funny as we had to wait until after Christmas to Skype him for Christmas, us being in the southern hemisphere and him in the northern. 

Of course the other thing is, I have to cook for less people now and that was a bit funny to start with. One good thing is our food bill is less and we get to see some great photo's of Canada. What a lovely place to visit, maybe one day:-)

Happy knitting 

ps. K snowboarding in Lake Louise

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  1. Our nest is empty, too. But it sure was nice today when I was able to do just one load of laundry and fit a week's worth of groceries into two bags :)