Monday, November 24, 2014

My Granny Hottie

So here is my yarn collection so far for the granny hottie, I need to get a few more colours as I need to make 24 mini squares. I want to have a bit of different colour in them, g has choosen mauve as the boarder colour.

So I've made a start on my granny hottie and I am  really enjoying the crocheting. I can now master the mini granny square. The only problem is all the ends but I've taken to doing them as I go. At the moment I have 5 completed squares, only need 19 more and then I will be ready for the next stage. Just as well it's summer here and she doesn't need the hottie just yet but it will be ready for next winter. If you need help doing the granny square on my previous post I linked to some helpful pages.

Happy knitting everyone

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