Sunday, November 30, 2014

Exams Are Finished

So g has finished her exams for this year and is now on holiday's, oh the joy of having kids home from school. I now have to schedule my time on the computer so that we all get a chance to do what we want.

So this year I have made a suggestion to her, I thought we might get out in the veggie patch together. She has a tendency to spend a lot of her time reading as she loves books, so later today we are going to weed the veggie patch and plant some seeds.

I have another idea for g, I am trying to make suggestions to her to encourage her to do other things in the holiday's. What do your children like doing in the holiday's? I was thinking seeing how I am learning to crochet maybe she will join me and learn also. I was thinking maybe this could be a good mother daughter session, something the two of us could learn together. 

I've tried teaching her to knit but we find that slow going as she always has so much homework. Also when you are learning to knit, you mainly make scarves. Which are useful but learning to crochet you can make many things and really feel that you have achieved something. Also this time of year in Australia is very hot to knit and it's slow going for that reason. To crochet this time of year is not so bad as you are not holding the yarn like you do with knitting. 

Well I hope everyone is having a good weekend:-)

Happy knitting

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